Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 3 of Life

We were able to spend some more time visiting Katherine last night before we went to sleep. Her nurse last night, Monica, told us that she was their most stable cardiac baby at the moment, so that was a blessing to hear. They had given her a dose of lasix to help with the fluid around her lungs, which will hopefully help her slow her breathing down. We were able to help with her "cares" again and I was able to hold her for a good while. At that point, we still did not know when her surgery would be, but they were leaning towards early next week.

This morning, we went back down a little after 9am to spend some more time with our precious daughter. She slept most of the time and was as sweet as ever. A few times she woke up and was able to look at us a bit. The nurses have been letting her suck on a pacifier, and she loves it. She even uses her little hand to help hold it in her mouth - smart girl! She did get fussy whenever the nurses/doctors checked her and when we did her "cares". This time, Michael changed her diaper and held her, while I admired both father and daughter. He was able to calm her right down and she looked so peaceful in his arms. While we were spending time with her, Dr. Herlong (one of the pediatric cardiologists) spoke with us and told us that the last time he had spoken with Katherine's surgeons, they had had a cancellation for Friday and were thinking of doing her surgery then since she is so stable currently.

This afternoon, Dr. Maxey came to speak with us and said that, at the moment, they are planning to do her surgery at 9am tomorrow morning (Friday). Things are still subject to change at any moment, but that is the plan. Even though we knew that the surgery was coming and have been expecting everything that goes with it, to hear the words spoken and to know that the surgery now has a date and time and that it is very soon still came as very emotional news. Especially the part where Dr. Maxey reiterated that there is no "cure" for Katherine's HLHS. She will only ever have a single ventricle, half a heart. This is the longest, riskiest surgery that Katherine will go through. He said to expect her to be in surgery at least 5-7.5 hours tomorrow and that there are many complications that could possibly occur.

We ask that everyone be praying for Katherine tomorrow. Please pray that she remains stable through the night and that she continues to be as healthy as possible for her surgery. We are also praying that God be with her surgeons, doctors, nurses, etc. tomorrow - to guide their minds and their hands towards a successful outcome. Pray that God gives Katherine strength to make it through this surgery and for us to have strength as well. Thank you for all of your prayers.


  1. It has been such a blessing reading of you three bonding!! I can only imagine how your hearts are feeling with surgery tomorrow. Please know that we pray so very often for your precious daughter!! Our prayers will be for all that you have asked and more!! "For we know the plans God has for you. Plans to prosper you, not to hurt"!! God us for us..this we know. Through His perfect plans; He will do all to His glory!! I find my strenght in that promise!! He WILL accomplish a GREAT work in our lives that the world will know that the work us not if man, but by our wonderful God!! Please know you have an army of prayer warriors lifting you before God! Please inform us of any updates as you can!! Our love and more so, our prayers are with all!!
    Tammy & Carl Robinson
    Ps. 63:1

  2. Katherine is a beautiful baby. I love her little lips. They looks as it she is ready for her "mommy kiss!" I pray that you and your husband will continue to have the strength, love and understanding that you need during this difficult time. The name Katherine means "pure." I know God has special plans for her. She is truly God's gift with a perfect name.
    Fondly, Robin Dawkins-YCHS

  3. Praying for sweet baby Katherine, all the medical professionals taking care of her now and especially during and after the surgery, and the two of you as you are strong for her and each other. All three of you McKelveys are amazing, and the God we serve is awesome! Love to all.

  4. Praying for the three of you and all of Katherine's caregivers and medical prfessionals involved in her care. Take care of yourself and each other.
    Love, Debbie

  5. I'll be praying. Remember our God is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.
    Love, Karen

  6. Katherine is such a beautiful baby -- I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you as you deal with the surgery tomorrow! Prayers for God's guiding hand for the doctors and everyone who will be caring for her during the surgery -- and peace and comfort for you while you await the outcome!
    Love, Sue Hilton YCHS

  7. Kristan and Michael, just reading your blog brings back so many bittersweet memories. You guys and Katherine have a long day ahead tomorrow. We are praying constantly for you all. Remember that God gave Dr. Peeler the talent to be able to perform this great task and The Great Physician will be guiding his hands tomorrow. We pray for the other surgeons, nurses, anesthesia team, perfusionists, and any other staff on hand during that sweet girl's time in the OR. We pray for strength and peace for you two as you wait for those dear updates throughout the surgery time. And we pray for tomorrow evening after it's complete for her to transition smoothly to the CVICU. Please let us know if we can do anything at all...we are just a phone call away. Love, Wayne, Holly Braxton and Trent
    2 Cor. 12:9-10

  8. Hey Mrs. McKelevey,
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me. Your daughter is beautiful and I am praying for her and your family. Wishing y'all tomorrow!
    -Grace Whitson

  9. Kristan, we are all praying for your precious Katherine, and know that God has this all under control. Thank you for posting your blogs. I'm already in love with your daughter. Sounds like she's a fighter and the the McKelvey spirit is alive and well in her. I remember learning in Sunday School so many years ago that Moses was instructed to hold his arms up and as long as he did, Israel prevailed in battle. When he grew weary, others held his arms up for him. Know that your precious Katherine is being lifted up in prayer around the clock. We're trusting that just like the people of Israel, she'll win this battle as we hold your arms up when you need rest. Waiting to hear the miraculous results!

  10. Mrs. McKelvey,
    I just wanted to let you know that my family and I's thought are with you, your husband, and Kathrine. I hope that everything will continue to go well.
    P.S. I miss having you as a teacher!
    --Bryson McCrone