Monday, March 26, 2012

4 Weeks Old

Today marks Katie's 4 week birthday and an official month in the hospital. She also got to be reextubated this evening. I will give a cautious "Yay!" On the plus side, she is now back on high-flow and no longer on the vent. However, she is still off her feeds so she is hungry and feeding her as a comfort measure is not an option. They are also not able to use as much sedation now that she is off the vent, lest she forget to breath. Soooo, we shall pray that she is a good girl and does not get too fussy. Hopefully she will get some rest tonight.


  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! We hope mom and dad are able to get some rest too! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

  2. Happy "monthiversary," as my family calls it, Katie! Praying for continued progress, rest, and peace for all of you.

  3. Happy four weeks to a precious baby girl. God has been had a work helping you and your mommy & daddy!! Prayers for rest, comfort and healing continue for each of you. Love the pictures of Katie-bug!! Thank you for sharing. Look forward to more good news!
    Love & prayers to all,
    Tammy & Carl