Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting to Know Katie-Bug

Katherine has had her right chest tube removed, so she is now chest tube free. She still has the wound vac on her chest incision, which continues to very slowly improve. Not a whole lot has changed medically over the last couple of days. She has had a little difficulty with her little tummy, so they have had to stop and start her feeds through her NG tube a couple of times. Right now, she is tolerating food well, so they are slowly increasing how much they give her. She doesn't seem to like being rushed at all, hehe. In the meantime, we have been able to get to know her a little better since her sedation is a lot lower at the moment. She has an incredibly strong grip and loves to hold on to things. We prefer that she hold on to our fingers instead of her tubes, which she will attempt to pull out if given the opportunity. Thus, we and the nurses tend to keep her swaddled up when we are not close enough to her to grab her hand if it starts to go for a tube. She also likes to have her head held when she is upset, or gently stroked when she is not too aggravated (this sometimes puts her to sleep.) She also now has a little stuffed ladybug hanging from the light above her warmer that she likes to practice looking at. We have been so concerned about her being able to live and to heal up, but we have also been missing being able to have normal experiences with her at the same time - changing diapers, cuddling with her, kissing her, and all of the other everyday parenting experiences. It is such a blessing to be able to start getting to know things about her and her personality.

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  1. Yeah!! Sounds wonderful!! She is so precious!! So happy that you two are finally getting some special time with your daughter!! We pray that she continues to heal, fight and enjoy her wonderful, loving parents. I am always checking for updates. You all are the first thing I pray about in the mornings and you are in my thoughts & prayers as I go to sleep. Katherine is such a blessed addition to our church family!! She has brought us all together in prayer for a special part of our family!! May you continue to find strenght in the knowledge of my thoughts & prayers for the three of you. Thank you for sharing your precious bundle with us!!
    Love & prayers,
    Tammy & Carl