Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Morning After Chest Closure

Everything went well yesterday with Katherine's chest closure. She did give us a little scare last night though. The nurse noticed her heart rate and pressures suddenly going way high last night, accompanied by some twitching in her shoulders and abdomen on the left side. Thinking it might be seizures, she was given Atiban and an EEG was ordered. They did the EEG and sent the results to the neurologist that was on call last night. He said that it just showed normal sleep patterns, so it was not seizures. That was a huge relief for us. We are thinking that what was happening last night might have just been a reaction to coming off of the paralytic they used. It probably really scared her when she woke up underneath the paralytic and could all of a sudden hear and feel us but not be able to move and react the way that she wanted. Her numbers look a little better now and she seems to be doing fine. She has woken up a tiny bit this morning, opened her eyes and wiggled around a little. So far today, all is well, praise the Lord!

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  1. Prayers continue for healing and your strenght!! So happy all us going well. How wonderful to have such an awesome set of nurses & doctors taking care of her; leaving nothing to chance!! God is working such an amazing, wonderful, beautiful work in you all!! We pray for no more frightening moments and a quick recovery for your precious baby girl!!
    Thank you for taking time to update us. This allows us to know what specific needs to pray for and also a chance to praise God for all He has done.
    We love and pray for you all many, many & night. What a pleasure to pray for our family!!
    Tammy & Carl