Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rounds Today 3/14

Miss Katherine did so great on her SiPAP, that she graduated to the high flow nasal very early this morning (looks like the breathing tubes that you see on TV, where they just kind of sit under the nostrils). The docs plan to wean her Presedex by 30% today, start her on aspirin, and wean her high flow down some. If she is able to wean her high flow down enough today, they will restart feeds. She did get to have some Pedialite last night though. They have been keeping her stomach empty since yesterday to reduce her chances of throwing up and aspirating. However, since most of her sedation is gone and she is now off the vent, she was pretty much inconsolable last night. They try giving her some medicine to make her calm down... to no avail. Katie-bug was HUNGRY! So the nurse called the doctor last night and was able to ok some Pedialite. They have it in little bottles so she was able to just stick a nipple on the little container and let me give it to Katie. She sucked up half the bottle right away and then went to sleep! She has an aggressive appitite just like mama. After she went to sleep around midnight, I was able to go to sleep until she woke up again. Every time she woke up, she would take some Pedialite and then suck on her paci til she went back to sleep. She is now working on her second bottle of Pedialite. Oh and the best part... we will get to hold her today!!!


  1. Holding her is the very best part. Sooo excited to hear the continued great progress! Way to go Miss Katherine!

  2. Wonderful news!!! I know your are yearning to hold her!! Prayers are being answered & baby girl is progressing so wonderful_!! God is so Good!! I praise God for all He has done and will continue to do in you all's lives!!! Prayers continue!! Ty for the updates!!!
    Love & prayers for you all!!
    Tammy & Carl