Saturday, March 31, 2012

Big Girl Crib

Yesterday, not a whole lot changed medically. Katherine is still stable and working on healing. They had slowly been increasing her feeds and she was up to 11 mL/hr yesterday when she threw up several times. So, they stopped her NG tube for about 2 hours and only set her feeds for 9mL/hr when they started her back up and she has been fine through the night with that. She didn't have a fever or really seem to be upset when she threw up, so they just thought her little tummy needed a break and it seems to have worked.

There were two pieces of exciting news yesterday. First of all, Katie's nurse felt that she was getting big enough to graduate to a big girl crib instead of the little warmer that she has been in since she was born. She has not had any problems maintaining an appropriate temperature so they went for it! She looked so big in her warmer and now she looks so tiny in her great big crib! It also gives her more room to squirm around because she is a real wiggle-bunny.

Also, yesterday morning Michael smiled at her... and she smiled back! We have seen her kind of practice smiling when dreaming before, but this was the first time she smiled when she was awake and in response to something we did. Whenever she was sleeping yesterday, she also smiled a lot more as well. We take this to mean that she is a little more comfortable and content now. It was kind of concerning to only get to see the "mad face" for such a long time. What a relief to get to see some new expressions!
Big Girl Crib

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  1. Wonderful news. She looks so sweet all bundled up in her crib. She is growing so fast! So blessed to hear how she is responding to her mommy & daddy.
    Happy 4 week birthday!! Love hearing the blessings that God is showering you all with. Daily prayers continue for each of you. Thank you for the pictures and updates. I count it all joy and a privilege to pray for each of you. Our precious new family!! Find courage & strenght in knowing you are loved and thought of so very often.
    May you be blessed with a week of daily miricales and joy in your precious one.
    Love & prayers.
    Tammy & Carl