Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Weeks Old

Yesterday, Katherine turned 3 weeks old. What a big girl! She continues to fight her infection off and seems to be improving some. Dr. Peeler put a wound vac on her chest incision to draw out the icky infection stuff so that she can get better. They have weaned her sedation and the ventilator quite a bit and hope to reextubate her within the next few days. She seems to like a lot of attention (as long as noone is actively messing with her.) Hopefully she will decide not to do anything else that requires lots of extra medical attention and will instead focus on getting better so she can come home and have all of mommy and daddy's attention! Thank you Lord for making our little one such a fiesty fighter.


  1. Good girl, Katherine! Your "aunts" at school have been worried about you! Praying for continued improvement and strength for you all.

  2. Wonderful news!! So happy to hear. We are lifting you three to the Lord continuely!! Praying for good news!!
    Love & much prayers,
    Tammy & Carl

  3. Murphy wants to wish his very dear friend..happy 3 week birthday! He can't wait to play with Miss Katherine!