Sunday, March 11, 2012

Continuing to Improve

A lot of the excess fluid around Katherine's lungs drained yesterday, so she is now breathing much easier. Her chest x-ray also looked MUCH clearer today. The plan for today has been to wean more of the vent, increase the amount of breast milk she is receiving, decrease her Fentanyl (sedation medication), and to stop the Diuril (one of the two diuretics that she is on to get rid of fluids). So far, she has tolerated all of this quite well. During rounds this morning, there was some discussion about removing her other common atrial line, but they decided to wait on that. With regard to her sucking her paci, the last two days she has just been gumming it when we try to give it to her. However, the nurses assure us that this is normal and that she will start sucking it again before we know it. We are hoping that it has something to do with how sedated she has been the last couple of days. Her swelling is now minimal and she is breathing over the vent pretty consistently. All in all, things are going well today. Thank you Lord!


  1. Sounds good! We prayed for y'all in our Sunday School class this morning. Praising the Lord for this report and the miracle that sweet Katherine's life is!

  2. I have heard so many people saying they are praying for her and for you! I know that helps through all of this! Glad to hear about some of the improvement yesterday and hope that continues as this week goes along! Sue Hilton YCHS