Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 4 of Life - Surgery Day

We were able to stay with Katherine this morning in her room in the CVICU as she awaited the doctors who would come take her to surgery. We were told that they would most likely come to get her around 6am so we were there at 5 to spend time with her. We were truly blessed because they ended up not coming for her until shortly after 9. During those precious hours we were able to read her a story and each take a turn holding her and snuggling her. They let us walk beside her warmer with her as they took her to surgery. It was very difficult to see them taking her away from us, but we are trusting in God and know that she is in His hands and that He will be with the doctors who are working on her. Afterwards, we were able to get some breakfast and visit/pray with our pastor. Dr. Peeler called us while we were eating breakfast to let us know that he wanted to talk with us before he went in. He met with us at about 10:30am, talked to us a while and prayed with us. Once he left, we went ahead and took a shower, because we had to be out of the family sleeper room that we were in by noon. At 11:57am we received a call saying that they had made the first cut and that everything was going well so far. At 12:35pm, they called again to tell us that she is now on the heart and lung machine and that all is still well. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. God is watching over little Katherine and is helping us to remain strong. Everything that has happened so far is all to bring glory to His name and we know that He will continue to do His will in Katherine's life. We will continue to keep everyone posted as we receive updates.

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  1. PTL for your time with her this morning and for having a Doctor who believes in our Lord!! Our thoughts & prayers continue for each of you! Thank you for the updates!! We are watching with anticipation for great news. We love you all!!
    Prayerfully & With Much Love,
    Tammy & Carl Robinson