Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 4 of Life - Surgery Update

3:00pm - The OR called and said that everything is still going well so far

5:27pm - Dr. Peeler, Dr. Maxey, and Kristin (the physician's assistant) just came to see us. They said the surgery was successful!!! They were not able to close right away so her chest is still open. This happens in about 50% of cases due to swelling, and they should be able to close in a day or two. Right now they are taking her back to her room, running bloodwork, and doing other post-op work on her so it will still be about 1-2 hours before we can see her. Praise the Lord, our baby girl made it through!!!


  1. Praise the Lord!! We'll continue to pray for her as she heals from the surgery.

  2. Wonderful news. Prayers for her quick recovery and for you two!! God be praised!!
    Prayers & love to each of you!!
    Tammy & Carl

  3. Hey!!! Omg I'm so happy for you!!!!:) she is in my prayers! I hope you come back soon!:)

  4. We are so proud of all three of you. So excited to hear the continued great reports! Way to go Baby Katherine!