Monday, March 5, 2012

One Week Old Today

Today Katherine is 1 week old! Time is flying by for our little Katie-bug. Yesterday, we had seen her cry for the first time since her surgery.  It is a terrifying sight, especially with her chest still open. Her heart rate would shoot up into the 190s (they like it in the 140s-150s range), and her other numbers would go crazy as well. She would do this almost every time someone would mess with her, especially when they suction the ventilator tube. They have since adjusted her sedation a little bit, so we can still tell that she doesn't like to be suctioned, but she doesn't react near as drastically. She did tolerate her lasix very well yesterday, so they increased her dosage last night and she is putting out even more fluid now, which is good. Today, she seemed a lot more comfortable so what they did to adjust her sedation seems to be working. We were able to watch rounds again today and everything that the doctors and nurses said sounded positive. She was also able to start a feeding regimen today. They put in an NG tube (feeding tube) and gave her 3mL of milk through it over a period of time. During her feeding, they let me dip her paci in some milk and give it to her so that she can associate sucking with the taste of the milk and the sensation of being full. So far, she remembers very well how to use her paci and she seems to like the taste of the milk. Praise the Lord, she is such a good girl!


  1. Wow!! Our God is so Amazing & Wonderful!! Praising the Lord for His blessings & healing for baby Katherine!! We love hearing such wonderful news!! We have you all on a couple of other churches' prayers lists!! They are so happy to hear the updates and knowing what areas to be praying about. It is wonderful seeing the Family of God come together as the One she is. You all remain in many, many peoples' thoughts and prayers!!
    We hope that you find strenght & encouragment in knowing so many are praying for you all. Thank you for the update. We continue in prayer for healing & comfort for you & Vic.
    Love & Prayers,
    Tammy & Carl

  2. We are praying for you all. Sounds like things are going as good as they could be. Keep your spirits up. Sounds like she is in wonderful care.
    Aaron & Ginger