Friday, March 9, 2012

Starting to Get Rid of Some Tubes

Yesterday, they were able to successfully take out Katherine's pacing wires and one of her common atrial lines. They left the chest tube in for a while, to see if there was any bleeding as a result of taking out the wires. What drained from the tube was very minimal, which is good, so they took out the chest tube last night. Yay! Getting that big scary looking chest tube out was a big step. Today they have been tweaking her sedation medications to find a happy medium between a fiery, purple mad-faced Katie-bug and a completely unreactived Katie-bug. She seems to have a good balance at the moment, as she is able to wiggle around, open her eyes, and react, but she is not so awake that she is unconsolable whenever someone messes with her. I tried to get her to suck on her paci a bit, but I think she was maybe a little too sedated to successfully accomplish the task at hand. She did gum it a little bit and it seemed to calm her at times. She also had a few big poopy diapers today, which is great because she has been stopped up for a while and the docs were concerned that her gut was not moving well. We spent the night at home for the second time yesterday, so were able to do laundry, check the mail, and do a few errands on the way back this morning. All in all, today has been kind of peaceful, which is definitely a good thing in the CVICU. Thank you Lord for a slow day. =)

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  1. So happy for you guys! I know it is so nice to get rid of some of those tubes! We can't wait to see you guys tomorrow! Have a great Saturday!