Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday March 15

Today was a rough day.  Last night Katherine was inconsolable.  Her breathing was too rapid so the doctors removed her feeds for fear that she would aspirate.  This morning she was consistantly crying and once we could get her calm enough to think about sleep she would begin again.  Durring rounds the removal of her left chest tube was discussed since there had not been any ouput in the prior days, however it was put on hold until after rounds.  Kristan was allowed to hold Katherine once more with hopes of calming her enough to rest.  This procedure took 2 nurses because of the many tubes and wires.  After 2 hours she was placed back in her warmer, at this time a clot was dislodged from her left chest tube and 60cc of sero sanguinous fluid gushed out of her left side.  Upon inspection it was discovered she had a 102.2 temp, her heart rate was over 200bpm and her incision site was red.  They started her on anitbiotics and increased her sedation.  They switched her from High Flow back to SIPAP to help with her breathing.  She's now much calmer, able to rest some and her stats are returning to normal.  She is still have difficulty keeping her O2 sats above 70 so they may have to reintubate.  She will be watched closely all night.  Please keep her and us in your prayers tonite. 


  1. In constant prayer for Baby Katherine and both of you.

  2. We keep each of you in our prayers constantly!! Rarely does an hour go by that I do not say a prayer for her healing & your strenght!!
    Lots of love & prayers your way!! Look forward to a better night & day!!
    Tammy & Carl