Monday, March 12, 2012

Two Weeks Old and Counting

This morning, they removed Katherine's other common atrial line. They have also started doing "trials" with the ventilator, where they turn off the vent for a period of time and let her do all of the work for a while to let her body practice breathing on its own again. So far, she is doing very well with this and is maintaining oxygen sats in the high 80s, which is pretty good with her condition. The "trials" are to get her ready to remove the vent and extubate her (which they are talking about doing tomorrow if everything stays good!!!) It seems like it has been forever since we have held her... It will be so nice to have the tubes and wires out soon.


  1. Yay Katie! You're doing such a good job! Can't wait to meet you:)

  2. Wonderful news!! I know that you are so ready to hold her!! Prayers for Katherine to stay strong and for all to go well tomorrow. Look forward to hearing about you guys getting to hold her again and for tubes to be gone!!
    Love & prayers for you all.
    Tammy & Carl