Thursday, March 8, 2012

Working Towards Extubation

We were able to talk to the neurologist directly yesterday so received some more details about what we thought was a seizure the night before last. He reaffirmed that the EEG showed only normal sleep patterns. However, he did say that what the nurse and nurse practitioner had described sounded very like a seizure so he ordered a cranial ultrasound to check to make sure that there are no bleeds in her brain.
The ultrasound was clear with no bleeds, so they think that she just suffered a single seizure due to being on bypass during the chest closure and say that she should not have any long term effects from it.

They have started talking about working towards extubating Katherine sometime this weekend, but there are several things that must first occur to make this possible. The plan for today is to wean her from some of her medications and to remove some of the tubes and wires that are in her at the moment. They were able to wean her from the Epi yesterday and she tolerated it quite well. They took her off of Heparin this morning in preparation to attempt to remove her chest tube, pacing wires, and one of her common atrial lines later on today. She is still breathing over the ventalator (taking some breaths on her own), so hopefully everything goes well today, she behaves, and we will be one day closer to coming off the vent.


  1. Yeahhh!! Will pray for the specific plans of the day for Katherine!! So happy & praising God for her over all progress! Please know you are in our prayers. I can only imagine the roller coster of emotions you two have been going through. I pray for you to have peace and resting times throughout the days & nights. You are an inspiration to us!!
    Thank you for taking time out to update us. Wondering if she is still doing well with her sucking reaction and tolerating her feedings??
    Love & many prayers for healing & praises for good news!!
    Tammy & Carl