Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Five Weeks Old

Katie turned five weeks old yesterday! She is doing much better this week. The issues she is having now are with her respiratory rate (she is still breathing much too fast sometimes) and feeding intolerance (she is having trouble keeping her food down). They are working to try and figure out why she keeps throwing up, so hopefully she will get to go home sometime in the next couple of weeks.
Smiley Face Katie-Bug


  1. She looks like a little angel smiling!! Precious!! Will pray concerning breathing & tummy issues!! Hope that you all are enjoying more parent & daughter time. Prayers & praises continue with each update. We are keeping each of you before the Lord continuely!!
    Thank you for sharing pictures & updates!! I look forward to each one to hear how God's miracles are pouring out on you.
    As always, much love & many prayers for each of you!!
    Tammy & Carl

  2. Yay for doing better! She is absolutely adorable and amazing!