Sunday, April 22, 2012

Graduation to Floor

Well, Katie has finally been deemed well enough to be moved to the Progressive Unit. She is being fed and medicated through her G-J tube and now also has another bag hooked up to drain off excess fluid in her stomach in order to help with her excessive throwing up. (It does not drain off food though, since that is going directly into her small intestine.) Now the goal for her is to start gaining weight! Once she is gaining adequate weight and there are no changes being made to her meds or anything else, we will be given the ok to leave. When this will be is still up to Katie though. Even though Katie is doing better, we still ask visitors to call first and to meet Vic or I on the first floor lobby. Katie is not able to accept visitors here at the hospital or even once we bring her home, since the more people she is exposed to, the greater the risk she will get sick and end up back in the hospital again. We will be making a more detailed post about this when the docs start talking about discharging her. We thank you for your continued prayers as Katie makes progress.

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