Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Easter

Today is Katie-bug's first Easter. She got a little Easter basket and we got to read about the first Easter ever, when Jesus rose from the grave. She is doing better with her respiratory rate and with holding her food down. She is up to 18 mL of formula per hour through her NG tube, which is 14.4 ounces a day. Still not up to the 24 ounces a day that would be normal for a baby of her size and age, but we are getting there. Not a whole lot is changing from day to day now. We just continue to work on getting her to the amount of food that she should be taking in so she can get enough calories to grow. We pray that all of you have a happy, wonderful Easter as we celebrate Jesus.


  1. Wishing you all a very Blessed First Easter as a family. Have been thinking about you all a lot and praying that Katie continues to grow strong. I look forward to updates!! I stand amazed at our Lord!! He is so wonderful to all of us!
    Love & many prayers,
    Tammy & Carl

  2. Happy Resurection Day to you guys! We love the pics and are so happy that your sweet girl is doing so much better. Love, The Williams'