Monday, February 6, 2012

OB Appt. 2/6/12

Just got home from the OB for this week's appointment. The NST showed that her heart and movement both continue to look healthy. I was able to talk to the doctor about the details of going in for the induction. He said that I will most likely go in at 5:30 the evening before (Sunday, Feb. 26th) so they can go ahead and get things started. That way I can (hopefully...) get a little rest during the early stages of labor and be fully dialated during the daytime on the 27th instead of in the middle of the night. Its hard to believe that I only have two more doctor's appointments and 3 short weeks until the induction. In fact... its now technically LESS than 3 weeks! Yikes! Yay! Yikes and Yay at the same time!


  1. excited about Baby Katherine! I have been praying for you guys each night as I rock Mr. Murphy to sleep!!!! I can't wait to meet her :)