Monday, January 30, 2012

Appointments 1/23 and 1/30

Last Monday was a regular OB appointment with the addition of an NST test. They took weight, blood pressure, measured my belly, etc. and the NST test showed that her heart is still having good accelerations.

Today we went to Dr.Stephenson, the maternal fetal specialist, again for our growth check up. Dr. Stephenson said she is still scoring 8 out of 8 on the test that they do, is moving well, and *drum roll* is now at a whopping 7 pounds even. Baby Katherine is going to be a GIANT baby it seems. She is also still measuring a week ahead. The doctor said it looks like we are still planning to induce February 27th and she was overall very happy with how both the baby and I have been doing.

Upcoming plans include a labor support class this coming Saturday, the family baby shower on Sunday, and another OB appointment on Monday. Not too many more appointments to go before the induction! I am both nervous and excited about the upcoming birth. One thing that helps to ease my nervousness is that God has already answered our prayers about growing a big strong baby in preparation for her surgeries. It is such a relief that she is now past the 6 pound mark, which will make it much less challenging during her first surgery. Thank you Lord for a big baby and good doctors' appointments!

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  1. Love all the great news!!!! Katherine may out weigh the boys if she keeps this up :) So excited about her arrival.....can't wait to love on her!!!! See you next weekend.