Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pediatrician and New OB

Well, this weeks appointments went smoothly, with no surprise hospital stays. Yay! We met with our pediatrician on Tuesday and he was very professional and extremely nice. He also has experience treating an HLHS baby, as he is also the pediatrician of one of our heart baby friends. This is a huge blessing and relief for us, as not only will Katherine be a heart baby, she is also our first child and it is good to know that her pediatrician has experience with her special type of needs.

Friday was our first appointment with our new OB (we had to switch because my old OB does not deliver at the hospital where Katherine will need to be born at.) It went very smoothly and I am sure we will be in great hands when the time comes. They also did a follow up NST (nonstress test) where they hooked me up to the fetal moniter in order to make sure that she is still doing ok after our pre-Christmas hospital stay. She did great the whole time so we were very pleased with the visit.

Today is the last day we are off for the Christmas holidays, so I will be going back to work tomorrow. This week is free of appointments, but I am sure I will be busy enough with work and getting back into the swing of things. The week after this one with be full of appointments, as we have to see the maternal fetal specialist Monday, the cardiologist Friday, and the OB Friday after our cardiologist appointment. Phew! Keep us in your prayers and continue to pray that Katherine keeps growing and makes it to full term.

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