Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayer Request

A little over a month ago, shortly after we were able to bring Katie home, I received an email from a couple who are expecting a little girl who has been diagnosed in utero with chylothorax. This is slightly different than Katie's chylothorax, because it is congenital and due to a lymphatic disorder, instead of post-operative (caused by damage done during surgery). The consequences are still very severe. I am not sure of all of the details regarding her lymphatic disorder, but I do know from Katie's experience with chylothorax that it will be very difficult to get this little girl the proper nutrition she needs in order to thrive because of her inability to process the types of fats that are present in breast milk and most formulas. I do know that this family is working very hard and researching using skimmed breast milk to help their baby get every benefit possible. For some reason, this family has really been on my mind this week. I keep thinking about their little girl and I feel led to ask you guys to help me pray for her. There are some very specific health issues that will arise due to her condition. One of them is getting her the proper nutrients, as mentioned previously. Another is that she will be very prone to developing pleural effusions (fluid) around her lungs that will need to be drained. The chylothorax can heal, as long as they are able to control her diet enough so that her body will stop producing this fluid long enough. She may be in the hospital a long time. In addition to praying for this little one's health, I also ask you to pray for strength for these parents. There is no way... no way to describe what it is like to have a baby with such severe health problems. It is not possible. Noone who has not been through it is capable of understanding. Even among parents who have been through this type of experience, each family's experience is completely unique. Even with the same diagnosis, one baby might overcome with flying colors, while another baby struggles. It is a walk that no other parent on earth can understand, it is unique and individual and there is only One who is capable of walking that path along with you. Please pray that God's presence in this family's life is just so strong.


  1. We will lift this family up in prayers as we continue to pray for you and Vic, too.

  2. Thank you for sharing this family with us. I am sure that you are being such a blessing to them. No truer words can ever be stated than when you said until you've been there!! I have never been there, but our hearts and prayers are all we have to offer. We will add this family to our daily prayers as we continue to pray for you.
    Love and many prayers,
    Tammy & Carl
    Psalm 63:1